Hacemos un alto en el camino con el relato de servus y seguimos con la colaboración de @turroncita. Traducido por g{A.M.}

El primer día en que nos conocimos, me invitaste a cenar a un restaurante en el que pagaste por nuestra cena más de lo que yo pagaba por el alquiler de mi apartamento. Durante todo el tiempo te comportaste como un caballero; inteligente, divertido y muy obstinado.

Después, te ofreciste a llevarme a “Atrévete” (un club de swingers) y a darme un masaje.

No me atreví… todavía…

En cambio, me llevaste a tu casa y me pediste que me cambiara, que fuera tu Dómina.

Fue la primera vez que hacía ese papel y me di cuenta de que me encantaba. Siempre te estaré agradecida por esa oportunidad.

Levanté la cabeza, respiré hondo y me senté en uno de tus cómodos sillones.

Tú estabas expectante.

Sonreí y dije: ¿A qué estás esperando, estúpida perra?

Inmediatamente te arrodillaste y me pediste permiso para quitarme los zapatos. Empezaste a masajear y a besar mis pies. Nunca había sentido un placer tan grande. Me chupaste los dedos de los pies uno a uno mientras me mirabas con cara traviesa.

Me gustaría que me sirvas un trago y que te vistas como una puta, dije.

Me trajiste mi bebida y fuiste a cumplir mi orden.

Tardaste un poco volver, pero cuando lo hiciste parecías una puta barata y gorda. Incluso llevabas zapatos de tacón alto y los labios un poco pintados. Traté de evitarlo pero me reí. Miraste hacia abajo y preguntaste: ¿La he decepcionado, Milady?

No puedo explicar con que facilidad me excité viéndote allí, humillado con la cabeza gacha.

Tomé tu rostro entre mis manos y te besé como si ese momento fuera el final de nuestras vidas. Te mordí los labios ferozmente.

Te hice inclinarte sobre la mesa y comencé a azotarte suavemente. Tu aliento me guiaba para regular la fuerza de mis golpes..

Esa noche torturé tu cuerpo como quise. Para ser mi primera vez como Dómina, me permitiste probar muchas cosas diferentes. Aun siendo tan principiante, te mordí, te arañé y te escupí. Te hice lamerme el coño mientras te estiraba del cabello y me encantó.

Gracias a ti, entendí cómo se siente dominando y jugando con el cuerpo de otra persona. Me gustó aquella sensación de poder.

Nuestra amistad fue una de las mejores relaciones BDSM que he tenido.

Un día, te pedí que me llevaras a “Atrévete”.

Allí, tuve sexo con otros hombres mientras tú estabas arrodillado, mirándonos. Fuimos allí muchas veces hasta que un día decidí que quería cumplir otra de mis fantasías; te pedí que te pusieras a cuatro patas y que chuparas pollas a petición mía. Todas estas noches en “Atrévete” siempre terminaban en tu casa, abrazados y riéndonos. Siempre te permitía lamer mi clítoris y proporcionarme intensos orgasmos.

Fue un período interesante en el que me permitiste llevar la iniciativa… y siempre te estaré agradecida por tu dedicación.

Sin embargo, un leopardo no puede cambiar sus manchas para siempre y de un día para otro los roles cambiaron en nuestra relación. Recuerdo el momento exacto en el que me pusiste de nuevo en el papel de sumisa.

Estábamos cenando en un restaurante chino y jugando con nuestros pies por debajo de la mesa. Estaba tratando de pisar tu polla con mis tacones, y de repente, me quitaste el zapato, te acercaste a mí y me dijiste: ¿Y ahora qué, traviesilla? Me quedaré tu zapato y todos verán la sucia puta que eres.

Vi algo diferente en tus ojos y me di cuenta de que ya no era la Dómina.

Ese día, cuando fuimos a “Atrévete”, lo primero que hiciste fue mostrar las marcas en mi cuerpo (hechas por mi Tutor la semana anterior) y explicar a la gente que había que era masoquista. Cogiste una fusta y empezaste a usarla delante de todos hasta que la rompiste.

Me ayudaste a hacer realidad algunas de mis fantasías más oscuras y te recordaré por eso.


The first day we met, you invited me for dinner to a restaurant where you paid for our dinner more than I used to pay for the rent of my apartament at the time. You were a gentleman the whole time. Smart, funny and very opinionated.

Then, you offered to take me to “Atrevete” (a swingers club) and give me a massage.

I did not dare… yet…

Instead, you took me to your place and asked me to switch, to be a Dom for you.

That was the first time I played that role and realised that I loved it. I will always be grateful for that opportunity.

I held my head up, took a deep breath and did sit in one of your comfy armchairs.

You were there, expectant.

I smiled and said: What are you waiting for stupid bitch?

You kneeled inmediately and asked for permission to take my shoes off. You started massaging and kissing my feet. I never felt such a great pleasure before. You leaked my toes one by one while looking at me with a naughty face.

I would like you to serve me a drink and go dress as a whore for me today, I said.

I got my drink and you went to comply with my command.

It took you a while to come back but when you did you where looking like a cheap, fat, prostitute. You were even wearing high heels and had some lipstick on. I tried to avoid it but I laughed. You looked down and asked: Did I dissapoint you, Milady?

I cannot explained how I did turn on so easily by looking at you there, humiliated with your head down.

I took your face with my hands and I kissed as if that moment was the last moment of our lives. I did bit your lips, fiercly.

I made you bend on the table and started to spank you softly. Your breath was guiding me on when to go harder.

That night, I tortured your body as I wished. To be my first time as a Domina, you allowed me to try very different things. Being so primal myself I did bite, scratched, spitted on you.

I made you lick my pussy while I was stretching your hair and I loved it.

Thanks to you, I understood how it feels to be the Top and play with other person’s body. I liked the power feeling.

Our friendship was one of the best BDSM relationships I have had.

One day, I asked you to bring me to “Atrevete”.

There, I has sex with other men while you were there kneeling, looking at us. We went there many times until one day I decided I wanted to accomplish one of my fantasies. I asked you to go on your four and suck cocks there at my request. All these nights at Atrevete always ended at your place, cuddling and laughing. Every time I did allow you to lick my clit and provide me with intense orgasms.

It was an interesting period of time where you allowed me to take the lead…and I will always be thankful for your dedication.

However, a leopard cannot change its spots forever and from one day to the other roles switched in our relationship. I do remember the exact moment where you put me back into the sub role.

We were having dinner in a chinese restaurant. We were playing with our feet under the table. I was trying to step in your cock with my high heels. And suddenly, you took my shoe off, got closer to me and said: Now what, naughty girl? I will keep your shoe and everyone in here will notice the dirty slut you are.

I saw something different in your eyes and I noticed that I was not the Dom in the picture anymore.

That day, when we went to “Atrevete”, the first thing you did was to show the marks in my body (made by my Tutor the week before) and explain to the people there how I was a masochist. You took a riding crop and started using it on me in front of everyone until you broke it.

You helped me to make real some of my darkest fantasies and I will remember you for that.





Society says no, but science says yes.

A lot of people spend their time worrying whether or not their sexual desires and practices fit in with what society deems “normal.” Well, fret not my friends, because that’s a hot load of garbage. Some of the allegedly “taboo” sex acts society savagely judges and looks down upon are actually really, really good for your relationships and mental health, and the ones labeled “normal” are the ones that, well, kinda suck. We dug deep into three sexy topics that might be secret to happiness. Enjoy.

Contrary to popular belief, freaky sex is good for you. Seriously.

According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, people who like who like bondage, hot wax, and other Fifty Shades of Grey-style kinks scored significantly higher on various mental health tests than their one-position-lights-off counterparts. That may be hard to believe, considering how nipple clamps don’t always seem that sane, but you can’t argue with science.

In that study, 902 BDSM lovers, and 434 non-kinky people were surveyed on their personalities, overall well-being, attachment style, and sensitivity to rejection. Analysis of the questionnaires revealed that those who embraced the kink were less neurotic, more secure in relationships, had a better time dealing with rejection, and were generally mentally healthier than the vanilla participants.

Interestingly enough, BDSM is listed in the latest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, a.k.a. the psychiatrist’s bible, meaning kinky people are thought to have some sort of mental abnormality. I think we can categorically call bullshit on that one, because people who love so-called “boring” sex are statistically crazier than kinky people. Who knew.

Lead author of the study, Andreas Wismeijer, told LiveScience that BDSM aficionados probably scored higher on the mental health questionnaires because they’re more aware of their sexual desires, and they don’t feel the need hide anything from their partners. We already know that bottling up emotions of any kind, including sexual ones, takes a huge toll on mental health, so it only makes sense that kinky people would have better mental health than those who are potentially sexually frustrated.

Casual sex.
According to a study of 371 college students conducted by researchers at NYU and Cornell University, those who admitted to sleeping around reported better general well-being, lower stress levels, and higher self-esteem compared to those who follow the relationship-sex-only rule. Who would have known that being promiscuous could make you so, so happy?

Now, one thing to keep in mind is that casual sex only makes you a happy camper if you do it for the right reasons. If you’re having sex with any rando that crosses your path because you want to rebound after a shitty breakup, or to numb your lack of self-worth, you’re going to end up feeling even worse about yourself, so don’t do it. If you’re sleeping around because you’re always horny and absolutely love sampling as many vaginas as humanly possible, go for it.

Open relationships and polyamory.
Most people frown upon polyamory, but little do they know that couples who are in open relationships are way, way happier, and more fulfilled than the naysayers. If honestly and openly dating more than one person at a time is your cup of tea, this pertains to you.

One of the secret ingredients to a successful relationship is communication, which is where a lot of traditional couples fall short. Polyamorous couples have a relationship built on honesty, trust, and obviously, openness, so there is no lying or sneaking around. Unlike cheating monogamous people.

If polyamorous Ken really hits it off with polyamorous Stacie, he talks about it with his girlfriend, polyamorous Barbie, who is also dating polyamorous Todd at the same time. Barbie is okay with Stacie, Ken is okay with Todd, and everyone is happy. The end.

So there you have it. There’s more to life than just “man + woman + relationship = sex.” Get out there and taste some new flavors. It’s good for your health.